How do I set what information I gather from my customers?

When your customers use the online booking calendar, they will be inputting information about themselves so you can keep track of who's booked with you.  You can decide how much information you'd like to gather using the setup page, Customer Information.

When setting up your products, navigate to Setup - Products & Reservation Rules - select a product to Edit (or Add Product) - Customer Information.

Here you can specify what information is Required, Optional, or not needed (Don't Ask).  Set your preferences here for each product.  This is not a global setting, and is done for each product you have setup in the system.

The standard information includes:

  • Customer Name
  • Company Name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Email address

Additional options includes:

Number of Units: If you want your customers to select how many units they want to book (usually for a bike or watersport equipment), then set the Number of units to Optional or Required.

Unit Selection: If you have defined specific unit names for your inventory, and would like for your customers to choose which unit, set the Unit selection to Required.

Agent: If you are using the Agent feature, you can enable a field where the agent code is entered for tracking.

Comments: If enabled, there will be a comments box in the checkout where customers can input additional information or comments

Office Notes: If enabled, there will be an additional text box when viewing a reservation through Frontdesk where a business can include information that is not seen by the customer.

Custom Fields: If you have created any add-ons or additional text fields using the Custom Fields setup, then you can enable which ones you want to show for each product on this page.