How do I test my credit card processing integration?

Once you've setup your compatible payment processor, you'll want to make sure that it is working correctly.  This is an important step when setting up payment processing as it will ensure you are ready to take bookings and payments. 

To test, navigate to Frontdesk - Payment Center.  Select the link under ePay Virtual Terminal.

Follow these steps to enter a test transaction:

  1. One this page, select Payment and Credit Card as the Type.
  2. Enter 'test' in the Invoice field
  3. Enter a small amount to process, $.10 or $1.00 will work fine.
  4. Enter credit card information
  5. Select Process Payment

If you get an Authorization, then your setup is working properly.

A few important points to consider:

  • If you get an authorization that includes all zeros (00000), then this likely means your payment processor is setup in TEST mode.  Please contact your payment processor to correct.
  • If you get an error message, please contact WebReserv Support for assistance.
  • If you get an authorization, check you credit card statement within a day or two, and you will see the transaction.