Can I hibernate my account during the off season?

Yes!  We do offer the ability to hibernate or suspend your account during your off season when you are not taking bookings.  

Accounts that are in hibernation will still have all the setup intact, and you are still able to access the account to make setup/product changes as needed.  You don't have to pay the full monthly fee for the system, and will only be responsible for a small, monthly maintenance fee (varies based on account level).

During the hibernation period, you are not allow to take any reservations or use the online booking calendar.  The purpose of hibernation is to keep all your account information secure and up to date while you are in your off season.

Requesting a hibernation is easy!  Simply send us an email with your request to hibernate/suspend the account, and provide us with your business name and email address associated with the account.  Our team will take care of processing the request.

When you are ready to re-activate the account, you can do that in your account.  Go to Administration - Extend Account, and follow the steps to renew.