How do I add users to the system?

Users in WebReserv are any person that has access to the back office side of the system.  The administrator on the account (the user that created the account initially) can setup users in the account via the Administration tab.  In addition, the admin can set certain permissions for a user, such as all access, or limited access to some screens.  See below on how to add or edit a user.

Add a User

To add a new user to the system, go to Administration - Users and click Add user. (Note: only the account administrator has access to the administration menu). 

 Enter the user details

 If you have multi-location account, select which location(s) this user has access to:


Select the parts of the system that the user has permission to access and/or view:

Note: most users only need access to Availability, Reservations, Payment Center, and Reports.

When you have completed the user setup, Save your changes.  You'll want to send the new user their login information (email address and password), and give them instructions on how to Login to the system.

 Edit a user

If you need to edit a username or password, you can select Edit by that user, and adjust email address and password as needed.  In addition, you can also Delete users that no longer need access to the system.


Important! Only the Admin on the account can add/edit user information.  A user that is setup in the system does not have the ability to edit their own user information.  

Pro Tip! You can setup a single user account that multiple users can access as the same time.  This is useful for summer employees.

Note about Active column: If the active column is unchecked, this means that the user account has been locked due to too many incorrectly login attempts.  To reset, use the Forgot Password link on the sign in screen.