Adding Tracking Codes to your WebReserv account

WebReserv allows you to add tracking codes to your account in order for you to be able to gather data about how your customers interact with your website and/or Facebook page.  You have 3 options for tracking in the system: Facebook, Google Analytics, and Google Tag Manager.

The tracking codes are all added in the same location within your account, see details below.


Facebook allows you to track conversions based on Ads or Campaigns that you run from your Facebook Business page.  If you get a conversion in the form of a booking through your WebReserv booking calendar, then you can see this information by adding the tracking code to your account.  This is important data to know what ads are working for you and getting you more sales.

You will need to access your Facebook Pixel Code to attain the Conversion ID.  The code can be obtained through your Facebook business page in the Ads Manager section.  Reach out to Facebook support for further assistance.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a great way to learn about your website visitors and know what pages they visited on your site as well as more specific information including what pages are the most visited.  It allows you to review the data and run reports so you can get a better understanding of how well your site performs and assist with important marketing efforts to boost visitors and sales.  You can utilize this in conjunction with the WebReserv booking calendar as the tracking code can see how a customer came to make a booking with you.

You'll need to access your Google Analytics Tracking Code from your Google account to add to WebReserv.  The Tracking Code will always start with UA-

Google Tag Manager

If you use Google Tag Manager to manage your tracking, then you have the option to add the GTM code to WebReserv.  Google Tag Manager allows you to manage the various tags/rules that you have set up in your Google account.  You can access your GTM code from your Google account.  Reach out to Google Support for more information on how to access this code.

Once you've accessed the codes, to add to your WebReserv account, go to Setup - Business Information - Advanced Options.  Enter the code(s) on this page in the Conversion Tracking section:

Once the IDs are added, you will be able to track conversions once the customer completes the booking.

In some cases, you may need the URL of the 'thank you' page once a booking is completed to track sales from the booking calendar.

The typical URL for your booking page is:[yourcompanysbusinessID]&page=checkoutcompleted

The parameters, which is everything after the ? may be slightly different based on your specific calendar settings.  See the article on how to find your Business ID.

The important part is the parameter page=checkoutcompleted, which indicates that it is the checkout page.

Sep 8, 2020