Can I track conversions using Google AdWords?


Google Conversion Tracking is a great way to track what your customer "clicks" on your website.  This is helpful for your business to track what ads or keywords your customers clicked that led them to make a reservation with you.  Knowing this information will help you decide which ads or keywords are helping you to get more business and in turn you can choose to utilize these ads or add more of those keywords to your site to increase your profits.  It will also show which ads or keywords that don't produce results (i.e. a booking) so you can avoid to use them moving forward.

You are able to set up a Google Conversion Tracking in WebReserv.  See instructions and example below.

Accessing the Google Conversion Tracking Code in Google

You will find the code for the conversion tracking though your Google AdWords page.

  • Navigate to Tools & Analysis - Conversions
  • Create a new conversion
  • Find the Conversion Label and Conversion ID in the code.
Google Conversion Code


To Add the Google Conversion ID and Label to WebReserv, follow steps below:

  • Go to Setup - Business Information - Advanced Options
  • In the Google Conversion Tracking section, add the Conversion ID & Label
Google Conversion ID and Label
Congratulations!  You have now linked your WebReserv account with Google AdWords. Whenever a new reservation is made using the Booking Calendar or from the WebReserv Portal, Google's Adwords information will be updated. You can view adwords tracking information in your Google Adwords account.