How do I view or download a report?

To view or print the report, navigate to Frontdesk – Reports. Select the report you want to view. Here you customize the report based on various selections including: 

Location / Category: If you have defined product categories in the system, you can select it here or for all categories, choose All.

Product: Choose All or select a specific product. This selection will only show reservations for the product selected.

Date Range: Choose the date range. The date refers to when the reservation is for and not when the reservation was made.

Report Fields: Choose additional column options. See below for options.

Status: Search for All reservations (confirmed, pending, cancelled, declined) or choose one status option (confirmed).

Sort Order: Choose how you want to sort the report, default is by start date of the reservation, then first and last name.

Report Fields options

To further customize the report, select Change Fields under Report Fields to add additional columns to the report. Here you can add custom fields options (add-ons) as well as discount codes used in a reservation. Simply drag the fields you want to include from the Available Columns to the Selected Columns and Save. Saving your selections this will update this report with these additional columns for all reservations reports you generate moving forward.

Once you've selected your options, then you can select for viewing or downloading.  Choose HTML format for viewing the report in a new browser or CSV format for downloading to a spreadsheet (Excel).