How to Merge Customer Data

If you have duplicate customer records in the Customers section of Frontdesk, then you are able to merge the data into one record.  Doing this will merge all reservations attached to these customers records into one.  It will only use the Customer Details (name, address, email, etc) from the first record on the list, so you may need to manually input other details as needed from subsequent customer information.

To merge one or more customers, go to Frontdesk - Customers. Check the boxes for the customers that you want to merge and click Merge Selected. The system will then merge the reservations from each of the customer records.  Example illustrated below:

Several records for Donna Holcomb - see checked.

Select Merge Selected at the bottom.

Note that this operation cannot be undone, so make sure you are merging the correct records into each other.  You will get a notification like this before the merge happens:


After the merge, all the reservations that were tied to each record will know be shown in the one record.  The Customer Details that were in the first record on the list will show.


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