How do I setup add-on items?

If you want to offer extra items for purchase onto your rental booking such as tubes, life jackets, or GoPro cameras, then you can set this up easily in WebReserv using Custom Fields.

To create an optional add-on, navigate to Setup - Custom Fields.  Select the button Add new custom field. 

Choose the List custom field option.  This will allow you to create options via a drop down menu.

On the Setup page:

1. Add Name & Description:

2. In the Options box, you'll create your choices (drop down menu).  To do this, add one choice per line, usually starting with the 'opt out' choice ("No" or "No, thank you") first.


3. To add a Price to the add-on, include it after the option with the amount in brackets [ ]. You do not need to include a dollar sign. 

4. If you want to allow your customers to select more than one of the same item, then add a separate line for each option with the total price for that option, e.g. 1 tube = $50, 2 tubes = $100.  See example above.

5. Below the Options indicate whether the add-on is: charged per minute(s), hour(s) or day(s) AND per day, per person or per unit.  You'll select from the drop down menu in the Price is for: field

Example: To charge per day, enter 1 in the text field and Day(s), Per reservation (or Unit).