What options do I have for custom fields and add-ons?

WebReserv allows you to create custom field and add-ons in the system, so you can further customize your booking page.  Options available are:

  • Text Fields: You can create additional text fields to add to the booking page.  Text fields can be additional questions that you can ask your customer such as "How did you hear about us?" or "Have you ever operated a kayak before?"  They can be set to require an answer or optional.  Text field are open ended questions, so the customer will type in their answer (no drop down or choices).

Example of a text field in the booking calendar:

  • Yes/No: Use this custom field if you want a simple yes or no answer.  Questions such as 'have you visiting with us before' or 'I agree to the terms and conditions' work well using this setup.  You can even include a price to the answer.  An example would be 'would you like to add a Go Pro to your rental?'  You can set it up, so a Yes answer adds the extra fee.

  • List: This is our most commonly used custom field and it used mostly for add-ons.  It allows the customer to select an option from a drop down menu.  Each option can have an added price to the selection.

  • Formula: This custom field can be added by request (Gold & Enterprise accounts only), and is used to calculate a cost based on mileage used.  This is typically used by RV rental companies that need to add a mileage cost to a booking. *Note: to use this custom field, you will need to contact our team to request setup.

  • Information: This custom field will add additional text to the booking calendar on the Options or Customer Information page of the checkout.  It can be used in conjunction with another custom field to add additional information about the add-on.