Opening the booking calendar showing a specific room/rental/tour

If you would like to have a calendar for each of your rental options on your website, then you can do this by customizing the calendar widget's parameters.  You'll need to modify the HTML code for the booking calendar to include two parameters, page and ptid.

&page: The page parameter instructs the booking calendar to show the calendar as the first view (addtocart page) instead of the product listing page.

&ptid: The ptid parameter instructs the booking calendar which product to show.

You'll need to access the Product ID of the rental first in order to add it to the ptidparameter.  See article here on how to access the product ID:

You will need to add the parameters in two places within the code.  See example:

With this embedded code, the first view of the calendar will look like this:

Using the Product Filter to show only one product

When using the page and ptid code in the booking calendar, it will open showing a specific product, but it also allows a customer to see other products on your list by clicking View Products.  This will take the customer back to your complete listing of products (rooms/rentals/tours).  If you do not want customers to see other product listing on the calendar, then using the Product Filter feature will achieve this.

You would need to add the pageptid & productfilter parameters to the booking calendar. You will need to add the parameters in two places within the code.

An example of this code:

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