How do I refund a customer?

When a booking is cancelled, in most cases*, you are able to process a refund back to the customer through WebReserv.

Refunding in WebReserv to the credit card on file is only available if you have set up cc payment processing with a compatible payment processor.

To refund a cancelled booking, follow the steps here:

  • Search for booking by going to Frontdesk - Reservation.  Use the Reservation Code or customer's last name to find booking.
  • Click on the Reservation Code to open the booking in Frontdesk.

  • Ensure that the booking's status is Cancelled.

  • Review the Rate Details to see the amount due back to the customer.  You'll see the Balance as a negative amount.

  • In the Payment Information section, click the Refund Payment button

  • On the ePay Virtual Terminal page, confirm that the Type is Refund (it should default to this).
  • Select the Payment Type (Credit Card)or choose the card shown on file
  • The Invoice ID and refund amount will be pre-populated based on the booking information.  You do have the option to edit the amount if needed.
  • Enter any comments as an option.
  • Review payment information listed.  Depending on the payment processor, you may need to reenter the security code.
  • Click the Process Payment button to process the refund.
  • Once processed, you will see a notice at the top of the page indicated the payment (refund) was authorized.

  • The refund has now been processed.  You should also confirm in your payment processor's dashboard that the refund was successfully returned to the customer, too.


 **There is one instance where you cannot process the refund through the WebReserv system are:

  • If you use PayPal business account (not Payment Pro), then all refunds must be processed through your PayPal account.
    Important! For security reasons, refunding (or charging) to the card on file in WebReserv must be done with 14 days after departure.  If it is after 14 days, you will need to call the customer to acquire the credit card information again.


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