Refunding a Security Deposit

The system allows you to add a Security Deposit to a product.  In the system, the security deposit will simply add that amount to the total.  After the booking occurs, and you want to refund the deposit paid, then you can do so in the system.  See steps below.

Refunding a Security Deposit

1. Open the Reservation through Frontdesk.

2. Click on the View Payments list in the Rate Details.

3. On the Payment Details page, select 'Make a new payment'.

4. In ePay Virtual Terminal:

- select the Type as Refund

- select the refund Payment type (CC, Cash)

- enter the refund amount

- include comments (optional)

- Select the 'Process payment' button to refund.


Note: After you refund the deposit, it will indicate that a Balance is due on the booking, as shown in the example below.  This is because the system doesn't technically 'know' that the amount refunded is a security deposit, so it will think that the customer owes it.  You can choose to leave this balance on the booking knowing that the amount was the Security Deposit refunded, or process a Cash payment on the booking for the amount to zero out the balance.