How do I setup minimum stay rules for Holidays?

Most businesses in the lodging industry require specific minimum stay requirements over the holidays.  You can set up your minimum stay rules in WebReserv using the Holidays setup.

Navigate to Setup – Business Information.  Click on Opening Hours & Holidays.  To update the Holiday hours, click on Edit Holidays.

On this page, you can set up specific holidays including the dates and if there is a minimum stay requirement for the room/rental option.  The system even allows you to set a different minimum stay for different room choices, if desired.

When you are done with the setup, click Save.

When a customer makes a booking for any of the holiday dates set in this section, they will have to meet the minimum stay requirement in order to book.   If a customer books for less time, they can still make the booking, but the rate will be adjusted to meet the minimum stay time.

It will be noted to the customer in the Shopping Cart.

As an option, you can not accept a booking if it is less than the minimum time rules.  To enable this setting, navigate to Setup - Business Information - Advanced Options.  You'll see the setting in the Reservations section.

When enabled, the customer will get alerted in the checkout that the time is too short, and they need to book at least the minimum amount of days set.