How to Manage your Inventory with Check Out / Check In

WebReserv allows you to enable a check out / check in feature in your account in order to better manage your inventory.  This feature allow better tracking of guests and equipment status.

To enable to the check-in/check-out feature, go to Setup – Business Information – Advanced Options. Locate the check-in/check-out option and set to either check-in before check-out (for lodging) or check-out before check-in (equipment rentals).


Once the check-in/check-out feature has been enabled, you can check-in and check-out using the Check In or Check Out button on the reservation page. For multi-reservations, each reservation item can be checked-in or checked-out individually.


Once enabled, you'll see the option to Check Out a rental on a reservation when viewed through Frontdesk.  Find the Check Out button at the bottom of the reservation.

When the customer arrives to pick up their rental, you can select the Check-out button.  It will open a window to check out the rental. 

Place a check in the box to the right, then select Check-out.  This will update the status and time of check out.


Doing this will automatically update the Status on the booking to Confirmed, Checked Out.

You can view a list of all rentals that are checked out through the Master Calendar.  Select the View Checked Out link from the left column.

When the rental is returned, you can use this page to click on the Reservation Code to go to the booking (or you can search for the booking via Frontdesk).  To Check-In the rental, click on the bottom of the reservation, Check-in.  Follow the same steps as check out by selecting the rental and Check-in.  It will update the status on the booking with the date and time.