Integrating your Payment Processor to WebReserv

WebReserv offers you a choice when it comes to taking payments through the system.  Accepting payments via credit card is the most secure and preferred way to get paid for your bookings.  WebReserv has an integration with the following payment processors and gateways:








Once you are signed up with one of these processors, you can easily connect the processor in your WebReserv account.  To do so, navigate to the Setup page in your account.  Click on Business Information - Payments.  

First, enable credit card payments in the Payment Processing section.

Next, select the credit card types you accept (Visa, MC, Amex) as well as set any advanced options such as collecting security code and if the cc details should be collected if the balance of a booking is $0.

Finally, in the Payment Gateway section, select your chosen processor from the drop down, and then add the required information.  Note: the details needed for the payment processor vary, and can be acquired by contacting the support team/website for the processor.  To save, select Save and continue.

Great!  You have added the payment processor information to your account.  You're ready to take payments for your bookings.  To ensure the integration is working properly, please make a test transaction in the system.  See the article, Testing your Payment Processor, for instructions.