How can I allow my customers to select which unit during checkout?

If you have multiple rentals types or units per product, and you want to allow your customers to select which one they want to book during checkout, then you can enable the Unit Selection feature in WebReserv. 

This is helpful for boat or bike rentals that have different boat types or bike sizes as well as campgrounds who offer their guests to choose which site they want to book.

To enable, navigate to Setup - Products & Reservation Rules - select the Product to Edit.

You'll first set how many units you have available for the item (product, rental) from the Reservation Rules page.

In the example below, the Number of Units for the RV Site (30 AMP + Water) is 5:

On the next page, Unit Details, you can define your units further (optional) by naming them.  The example below show the specific site numbers for each site in this type:

Finally, you will enable the Unit Selection on the next page of the setup - Customer Information.  Set the Unit Selection on this page to Optional or Required.  If set to Optional, the customer can select "Any" instead of a specific unit.  In this case, one will be auto-assigned to them based on Availability.  If set to Required, the customer must select a unit from the list.

Once enabled, your customers will see a "Unit" drop down option on the booking calendar.