Using Product Categories to Organize your Products

If you have various types of rentals such as cabins, campsites, and boats, you can use Product Categories to organize your inventory.  It allows you to better manage your various types of inventory in the system, and your customers will be able sort by category when booking online through the booking calendar.

It takes a few steps to enable in your account:

1. Create your Product Category.  Navigate to Setup - Business Information - Advanced Options.  

2. In the Product Category section, select Yes to enable Product Categories.

3. You can create a Label (name) for your categories as an option.  If this field is left blank, then the label will default to 'Category'.

4. Choose "Add category" to create your categories.

5. Once you created your categories, you can update the display order as it will appear in your product list and booking calendar. Click Save and Continue.


After you create the categories, the next step is to assign the categories to your products (inventory).  To do this, go to Setup - Products & Reservation Rules. Click a product to edit.

On the Description page, you will see a new drop down menu for the Categories.  Choose the correct category for that particular product.  Click Save and Continue.

Once you assign all your products (not required) to a Category, you'll see your Products setup page show an extra column with the new Categories.

To your customer, product categories can be used to sort your offerings in the online booking calendar.  Once created, the Category drop down menu will show on the first view of the booking calendar.  The customer can select the Category, and the calendar will sort with only the products that have been assigned to that category.