How do I setup time rules for my rentals?

Setting up your time rules for your Rentals can be done in a few, easy steps.  Time Rules are setup per rental, and only if you have selected Hourly as your Reservation Type. 

To get started, navigate to Setup - Products & Reservation Rules - select your rental (or click Add Product to create a new one).  After you enter Name & Description, you'll define your Reservation Type.  Select Hourly and Save and continue.


Pro Tip!  If you offer hourly, half day AND multi-day rental options then you can set this all up using the Hourly type setup.

The next page is Time Rules, and where you will define your booking options. You have several options for customizing how you want your hourly rentals to operate. 

Opening Hours: Setting up your Opening Hours will designate what hours during the day that your inventory can be rented.  You can designate which days you are not open by unchecking the box for that day.  In the example below, the business will take rentals everyday starting at 8:00 AM ending at 6:00 PM.


Time Rules - Opening Hours

Date Settings

2 Options:

  • Reservation has start date only (i.e. same day bookings or fixed length).
  • Reservation has a start date and end date (i.e. flexible daily and multi day bookings).

Date Format

2 Options

  • Customer can enter any date (pick from date picker on calendar).
  • Customer can select from a list of dates (reservation is only offered on certain dates.

 Start Time - refers to when a rental will start (or pick up time).  

3 Options:

  • Customer can select from a list of start times (default - set specific start times).
  • Customer can enter any start time (manual entry).
  • Customer can enter start time in select intervals (i.e. in 30 minute increments). 

End Time - refers to when a rental will end (or drop off time).

3 Options

  • Customers can select from a list of end times (default - set specific end times)
  • End time is fixed (no customer selection needed)
  • Customer selects from a list of rental lengths (i.e. 2 hour, 4 hour, 8 hours, 2 day)

See example below for a common setup: Same day rental and the customer can select the day they want to come as well as their desired start / end time.

Block Time (optional) - enter time (either in hour or minutes) that you want the system to block availability between rentals.  The system allows you to enter a block before, after, or both.  This is helpful if you need time for cleaning or maintenance of a rental before it goes out for another booking.