How to add Custom Time Rules for Rentals

For Hourly type bookings, you often will want to have a custom time slot that you only offer when booking through the backend of the system.  This is ideal for walk up traffic that want to book outside of your published booking times.  We offer a feature that allows you to book any length of rental that you choose when booking through Frontdesk.  

You can enable this feature in the Time Rules setup.  Navigate to Setup - Products & Reservation Rules - select rental to Edit - Time Rules.

You'll see the setting at the bottom of the page:



Here's how it works:  On the Time Rules setup page, you will create your start times and lengths of booking that you want for your rentals.

In the example below, this boat rental offers 2, 4, 6, or 8 hour options, and wants their online customer to select a start time of 10am, 12pm, 3pm, or 6pm.

The setup looks like this:

Time Rules - Allow any time setting

Online bookings look like this:

Set Start Times:

Online booking - set start time

Set Lengths:

Online booking - set lengths.png

The final setting on the Time Rules page, Frontdesk Bookings, gives you the option to allow for any booking time for office bookings.  Enable it here, then go to Frontdesk - New Reservation to make a new booking.  You'll see now that you can book any date and any start/end time.  Enter the dates, start time and end time (use format 00:00 AM).

Any Date Any Time.png