How do I test my rates to make sure they are correct?

After entering or updating your rates, it is recommend that you test the rate set up to ensure that the rates are calculated correctly.  The information shown in the Rate Tester is only seen in the back office by the business.  Customers booking online will see most of these details, but in a different format.

To test your rates, go to Setup - Rates and select Rate Tester from the left-hand menu.

From the rate tester screen, select a product/schedule, a start date/time and end date/time, and click Calculate rate. The rate tester will display a breakdown of which rate list(s) and rate categories was selected to calculate the rate. It also shows additional charges and taxes as well as the total amount.

Note: The Rate Tester will not show any Custom Fields you created that carry an additional charge.  You can review the custom fields and test the calculations by creating a test reservation in Frontdesk - New Reservation.

Pro Tip! The Rate Tester is a valuable tool to use when you are troubleshooting rate/pricing issues.  If you see a booking was made and the rate calculated incorrectly, use the Rate Tester to input the dates/time booked to see exactly how the system choose the rate.  This will usually help you figure our most issues with Rates and Pricing.