Setting up Rates: Rate Categories

To setup your pricing, you'll navigate to the Setup - Rates section of the system.  There are two parts of the rates setup, Rate Categories & Rate Lists.  This article will focus on Rate Categories.

Rate categories are used to define a rental period of time such as hourly, daily, weekly, weekdays, weekends, or holidays. In addition, you can easily edit rate categories and create your own time categories that are more specific such as a 4 hour rental or a 3 day rental.

This article will explain how to:

  • Create Rate Categories
  • Edit or Delete existing Rate Categories

Create a new Rate Category

 To add a new rate category, follow these steps:

1. Go to Setup - Rates

2. On the left navigation bar, click Rate Categories

Setup - Rate Categories

3. Click the Add category button. You will get a blank rate category ready to be configured.

Fill the in the following fields to setup the rate type. 

  • Name: this will appear as a column in the Rate List as well as on the Book Now button on the online booking calendar.  Give it an appropriate name that coincides with the type of category, i.e. Hourly, Daily, or Weekly.
  • Description: (Optional): can describe the category.
  • Type: this is the most important part of the setup as it defines how the rate will be charged.  Valid options are: 
    • Daily - charged a per day (or per night) rate
    • Weekdays - charged per standard weekdays (Sun - Thu)
    • Weekends - charged per standard weekends (Fri - Sat)
    • Holidays - charged over defined holidays
    • Weekly - charged per week
    • Monthly - charged per month
    • Period of time - charged per specific time period set (i.e. 1-3 hours, 1-4 days, or 2 days)
    • Day Range - charged daily or nightly based on set days of the week such as Per day on Tue - Thu

  •  Display to customers: If choose Auto or Yes, then the rate category will display in the listing on the booking calendar and

Save the category by clicking Save and continue.



Edit or Delete a Rate Category 

When you create an account, the system is setup with standard Rate Categories.  You may need to delete a category that you will not use, or modify an exiting one.  To do so, navigate to the Rate Categories page, select Edit or modify or Delete to remove. 

Note: Only delete a Rate Category that is not currently in use.