How do I setup tour schedules?

The tour and activities schedules setup offers you a lot of options and flexibility in the setup.  You are able to do some of the following in the setup:

  • offer multiple tour times per day with different capacity
  • offer tours times only on certain days
  • ability to block availability with overlapping tour times
  • set maximum capacity per tour
  • set capacity per person category (adults, children)

To create a tour's schedule, navigate to Setup - Products & Reservation Rules.  If you haven't yet setup your tour information, click on Add Product to add your tour information.

Next, setup your tour information including Name and a short Description of the tour.  This is the information that will display first on the booking page.

On the Reservation Type page, select the option Events, Tours and Tickets (Fixed Weekly Schedule).

The following page is where you can setup your schedules (tour times, days, capacity).  Click Add Schedule to begin.

Enter the following information about your tour/activity/rental's schedule:

  • Date: This refers to the date range your offer your tours.  To should be the first date you offer the tour and From should be the last date you will offer the tour. Note: You can include tour dates for up to 2 years.


  • Time: Enter the Start / End times for your tour.  This is the time of day when the tour begins (i.e. 10:00 AM) and when the tour ends (i.e. 12:00 PM).Note: If you have several tour times throughout the day, you will create a unique Schedule for each time.


  • Valid: Select the days of the week that this tour time is offered.  If it is not offered on a day(s), then uncheck the box.


  • No. Units: For tours and activities, this is your maximum capacity of persons that can go on the tour.  If you can only sell 20 tickets, then input 20 in this field. Note: You can have a different capacity per tour time, too, so if you take 20 people at the 10:00 AM tour, but only 10 at the 5:00 PM tour, you can input the different availabilities here.


  • Title: This is an optional field that can be used as a Custom Label to show to your customers. Text entered here will be shown to the customer when booking, but take note that it will override the date/time slot options.  If used, ensure that you also include a time for the tour.  This could be "Morning Tour @ 10am", or "Evening Tour from 5-7pm".

On the next setup page, Reservation Rules, you'll want to set your Availability Calculation to based on 'number of people'.  This is important as it tells the system that your max capacity will be based on the number of persons booked which you indicated in the No. units column on the Schedules page.

In addition, you should also make sure the Number of persons is set to Yes, use number of persons.  See setup example below.

Finally, navigate to your Rates page to enter the per person pricing for your tours.


Additional Setup Options:

Decrease availability across overlapping schedules - Use this feature if you want to adjust availability for all schedules that have an overlapping time.  For example, if you offer a boat tour in the morning, afternoon, or full day.  If someone books the Full Day tour, then the Morning and Afternoon tour would not be available.

Allow customers to waitlist - When this is enabled, customers can choose to be put on a waitlist when they want to book a tour that is sold out.  They will be notified through the system if the availability on the tour opens up due to cancellation or an availability adjustment.


You have successfully setup your tour schedules.  Now, let's see how the setup looks to a customer booking using the online booking calendar:

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